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24/7 LocksmithImagine the following scenario: you have just settled down at your new house. You are enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon, watching your favorite movie with a chilled beer in your hand. In other words, life seems perfect at that moment. However, you are jerked back from your Nirvana by a sound coming from the kitchen. You go to investigate and find that the previous owner of the house, drunk, is sitting at the kitchen table, having forgot that he no longer owns this house. He got in using the spare set of keys he had from before.

To avoid unwanted visitors – and potential accidents – like this, the first thing you should do after moving into a new house is change all the existing locks. Regardless of the time of day you move into your new house, call us immediately for any locksmith-related services you need. Our 24 hour emergency locksmith team will help you with whatever locksmith-related problems you have, including everything from rekey to repair and replacement, for both domestic and automotive applications.

Rekey your Locks

Even if you install brand new locks, there is always the chance that you will lose your key, or misplace it at a crucial moment, resulting in you being accidentally locked out of your house. In such instances, contact us for premium rekey services. Our 24 hour mobile locksmith team are always ready to help you out in cases of emergency, and will rekey your locks for you in no time at all.

Repair and Replace Broken Locks

If the lock is not working properly, your best bet would be to have it repaired. Get in touch with our 24/7 Locksmith support team, and have your lock looked at and repaired straight away. If our technicians feel that repairing the lock would bear fruitless results, then the best solution would be to completely replace the lock and install a new one. Our expert team of locksmith technicians will take care of all your problems for you.

Have your Car Looked at as Well

Not only do our team of technicians straighten out domestic locks, but they can also work their magic on your car locks as well. Whether you are having trouble opening the doors of your car, need help to unlock your steering wheel, need to rekey the ignition or have the trunk unstuck, let our car locksmith 24 hour service team have a look at it. They will figure out the problem and let you know the best way to tackle it.

In short, we provide the best locksmith-related solution when it comes to both domestic and automotive applications. Let our technicians at Locksmith Rickmansworth have a look at your problems, and be awed at their expertise and efficiency in solving those problems. Call now!

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