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Emergency Services
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It’s more than annoying to be locked outside of your property or to be unable to lock the door on your way out. Anyone can have an urgent lock and key problem at some point. Instead of giving in to frustration, there are ways to solve them.

Office Lockout Solution

A common reason why people get locked out of their office is usually a problematic lock. The device could be worn or broken. Replacing it will solve the problem. If your key broke inside, the issue must be dealt with very carefully. The piece inside the cylinder needs to be carefully extracted so as not to damage the pins inside. If the lock has already been damaged by the broken blade, it should be repaired or changed right away. If the lockout cause is lost key, the lock has to be rekeyed or replaced to prevent that particular key’s use.

Lock Repair

If you can't turn the key inside the lock, there is most likely a problem with the cylinder. The solutions range from adjustment to replacement, depending on the cause of the problem. If the key works properly, but it isn’t possible to lock or unlock the door, the bold could be jammed. Releasing it and repairing the lock will solve the problem. The strike receiver should be adjusted and secured into place with the tightening of the screws.

Replacing Keys

Emergency LockoutIf the lock is sticky and practically impossible to use, the key could be responsible. A quick inspection will show if it’s damaged. If the blade is bent, the peaks and valleys are dull or the tip is chipped, the key should be replaced. Similarly, if you have problems with the transponder key such as a malfunctioning transmitter or worn blade, changing it will be the most effective solution. The perfect replacement key is made from strong metal resistant to damage.

Do you have an urgent problem with either your lock or key and can’t wait for a solution? We, at Locksmith Rickmansworth, will eliminate it in the shortest imaginable time. Our company is always available to fix domestic, commercial and auto locks and keys and to replace them when needed. Count on our professional emergency services round the clock.

To get help, call us without delay. For more details on our services, browse our website.

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