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Locks to Boost your Home Security

Locks to Boost your Home Security
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Managing the security of your home requires you to keep close tabs on the condition and functionality of your exterior locks. While British standard locks are more often than not sufficient to keep your family and home protected, sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of a solution that provides additional security benefits while still making the security of your home a convenient affair. If you are in the market for bolstering your home security by having a new lock fitted to your doors, then these solutions might be exactly what you are looking for.

Swing locks

These simple additions to door locks can be easily screwed to the door and its frame to limit the width at which it can be opened. It is a perfect failsafe if your doors main lock has been picked or forced, but is in no way appropriate as a primary lock.

Deadbolt locks

Locks to Boost your Home SecurityA deadbolt works excellently in conjunction with a primary mechanism as a high security lock which can only be operated from one side, manually.  They differ from spring bolts which can be operated (or tampered with) from the outside of the door, making them excellent and reliable security additions, if they are installed correctly.

One Key to open them all

A common concern when it comes to security is that of an office, hotel or block of flats where maintaining who can access which rooms, with which keys, can become a nightmare to manage. This could lead to lost keys (a security nightmare), theft and unauthorised entry. Whatever the case, installing a master key system, whereby one, or a group of keys can have general access while others do not, makes the management of complex security a little easier.

A functional Combination

A particularly good way to increase the security of any building or house, is to have UPVC door locks installed on all or most of the exterior doors. They combine the functionality, complexity and strength of multiple locking mechanisms, and allows them to be operated as a unit with a single key. This doesn’t only make it much more difficult to gain unauthorised access, but also makes it easy to get in when you’re supposed to.

With any one of, or a combination of these locking mechanisms, your property will be and feel more secure. So, if you want to take your security into your own hands, why not contact a local locksmith today and speak to them about securing your home.

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