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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Top recommendation for locksmith help

Domestic duties are the least of my favourites. Living in the city provides lots of exciting activities and I’m out most of the time. I don’t have to bother about plumbers, locksmith, electricians, etc. Well, I was utterly mistaken. I came from a party and was refused entrance by my traitorous front door. Lucky for me, I saw a sign of this locksmith company in London so I called them up. The guy they sent over was such a saviour; my door’s defences were no match. He suggested that I maintain my locks properly and I surely will do that in the future.

Quick response to locked house

I left my 5-year old son with a babysitter one weekend because of an important dinner we had to attend. As told by the babysitter, she stepped out for a minute to say “hi” to a friend who dropped by. As soon as she let go of the door, it snapped back locking my boy alone in the house. She said she called this locksmith company in London and their technicians unlocked the door in less than 30 minutes. I take this opportunity to thank them for getting quickly to our house and rescuing my baby.

Broken Key in Lock

“I recently purchased a house and discovered that the lock on the back door had a key broken off inside. I tried to remove the lock but due to the key being stuck inside I could not get it out of the door. A neighbour recommended that I call Locksmith Rickmansworth. The locksmith came out and was able to remove the key from the lock. He also rekeyed the lock so that I would not have to replace the entire mechanism. The prices were very competitive to other companies. I will be using Locksmith Rickmansworth again.”

Needed replacement for lost car keys

“I had lost my car keys down a drain that was right below where I had parked. When I called, your staff was so helpful over the phone and did a great job of reassuring me that you could help. The locksmith that came did a brilliant job of creating a new key that works perfectly for my car. The process was completed much faster than I thought possible and the key still works perfectly. Thank you so much for the great help!"

Darren R.

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