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Ways to Deal with Broken Keys

Ways to Deal with Broken Keys
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What is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone while trying to get in his house after a long and tiring day? It's simple! To see the keys break in the lock! This is actually one of the major reasons for home lockouts. It is rather a common phenomenon since we all use too much force when the key doesn't turn with ease or it is not inserted in the lock. They break when it's freezing or when they are already damaged and rusty. So, the number one rule for the avoidance of dealing with such problems altogether is to get a key replacement before the original one is eroded and to carry duplicates. If one is not entering the lock easily, try the other one and avoid putting force. So, what happens when we have neglected these things and the key is already broken in the lock? It's simple! We have to extract it!

How to extract broken keys

Ways to Deal with Broken KeysBroken key extraction is not always an easy job. Of course, tweezers are not used only for the removal of eyebrows but also of broken keys. If you have pliers though, it would be best since it's a stronger tool. It goes without saying that such tools are useful when there is a portion of the broken key protruding from the lock. Be extra careful when you try to catch it with the pliers. If it doesn't come out easily, move it right and left. You can help the situation by applying some resistance yourself against the lock by putting force on the lock. Remember that the key must be in either the lock or unlock position in order to come out.

If you are locked out and need to unlock the door, turn the pliers to the right direction. If there is no part of the broken key protruding from the lock, you can use a flat blade screwdriver. Get it in the lock as if it were an extension of the broken key and turn to open the door. Naturally, this way you won't be able to remove the broken part unless you drill the lock but in this case you will do much damage and you will need to get new locks. You can use the screwdriver to unlock or lock the door for the moment but for the extraction of the key you will need the assistance of our locksmith

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